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Market-leading businesses need accurate and actionable mobility data to drive successful decision-making.

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What is location data?

Location data is an incredibly rich source of information that helps us understand how people interact with their surroundings. It captures movement patterns and behaviours as individuals navigate through various modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, driving, or using public transport. Every movement generates a digital trail, creating a wealth of valuable insights.

This data unveils footfall patterns, indicating where and when people gather in specific locations, catchment areas revealing the geographical reach and influence of certain places, insights into the duration individuals spend in specific areas (dwell-time), and details about destinations people visit.

Understand your customers' behaviour

Consumer habits in commuting, work, shopping, and entertainment have drastically evolved. For businesses to not only survive but thrive in this changing landscape, they must adapt.

Location data and analytics serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path towards understanding and leveraging these evolving consumer trends.

Overcoming decision paralysis


of executives indicate that their organisation aspires to a data- driven culture

What you don't know


of organisations are actually leveraging data to make decisons

Better business practices


of those organisations are still failing to use the data to optimise

Discover how precise location insights drive informed decision-making

Mobility data enriches comprehension of movement and trends in diverse locations. Location data maximises commercial planning, real estate selection, investments, and marketing strategies. By offering precise insights, it bridges the confidence gap, empowering informed decision-making.

  • Identifying trends across time and place
  • Identifying strategic locations
  • Creating predictive economic insights
  • Audience profiling for informed decision-making
  • Opportunity discovery
  • Accurate benchmarking with peers and competitors
  • Contextual analysis for business growth
  • Rapid delivery of actionable insights

The Huq Impact

Context is key to performance. Huq gives you visibility into consumer movement behaviour and trends. From where they come from to how they get there, how many go there and how often they visit. Use Huq to improve your site performance and make the right decision every time.


Faster decision-making

Respond to changing market conditions quickly with trends and benchmarks.


Customer satisfaction

Create comprehensive visitor behaviour profiles in each location to optimise your customer experiences based on mobility data.


Investment confidence

Paint a full picture of performance in any location or company based on mobility insights and reduce investment risks.


Reporting on impacts

Streamline impact reporting to monitor interventions effectively, creating more opportunities for improvement.

geospatial behavioral metrics including footfall, granular catchment, hourly footfall, dwell, density

The fundamentals of evaluating geospatial performance.

Huq's instant, zero-hardware platform provides direct access to the key factors that define success in any location. No equipment, no surveys, maintenance or delays!

Huq's insights encompass fundamental metrics that swiftly enhance your area-specific understanding. These thoroughly evaluated metrics maintain global consistency because we make data consistently our priority.

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