Successful retail expansion

What can I do to optimise location selection?

How can data help us drive customer engagement?

How can we ensure successful market penetration?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Understand your market

Pinpoint potential locations that align with your target audience and business objectives by identifying areas with high foot traffic, frequent visits, and customer engagement.

Pinpoint your audience

Understand the demographics, behaviours, and preferences of the visitors in the identified areas.

Instantly identify potential markets

Find market potential in trends on foot fall, visit frequency, and economic indicators. Determine if the area has room for growth and if there's a strong demand for your offerings.

Capitalise on market entry timing

Time your retail expansion to coincide with peak visit times and ideal customer behaviour trends, maximising your chances of success.

Drive informed decisions

Leverage foot traffic data and customer behaviours to validate the effectiveness of your new store strategy and make adjustments as needed.

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Annual sales

Huq’s catchment insights allows JD to more accurately assess the impact of the wider retail catchment on the sales potential of new store opportunities

Alastair Browne, JD Group Head of Site Research & Strategic Insight

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