Game-changing decisions with the largest real world consumer research panel.

Imagine having access to information that describes what consumers do in the real-world - with the same completeness and granularity that you can online. Conceptualize a product that contains a vast, powerful and unique dataset, coupled with a user-friendly and easily accessible data dashboard. This is Huq, and our products are the first of their kind - designed specifically with you in mind.

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"We had a look at Huq data. It's amazing. The data was easy to work with and the points are precise."

Pol Colomer
Partner & Data Scientis, Dribia Data Research S.L.

A truly unique dataset based on powerful and unique attributes that drive bigger and bolder successes for you and your business. Huq’s real-world consumer research panel helps you make more reliable choices, carry out more effective marketing campaigns and conduct calculated investment decisions. Our accessible insights empower you to understand real-world consumer trends on a level previously not possible - helping you gain an invaluable edge on your competition.

Whether you are a Media Planner, a Real Estate professional, a Retail store planner or an Investment professional, our products are tailored to your exact requirements. Our products offer game-changing markets insights for a range of sectors, in a variety of markets.

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Management Consultancies rightly scent an opportunity to move into - or displace - some of the incumbent agencies.

In this analysis we created a simple spatiotemporal visualisation to show how people move through London LHR and Dubai DBX airport terminals.

Huq uses its Frame Planning tools to quickly and efficiently identify the most effective frames for reaching royal wedding watchers in Windsor, GB.

Should outdoor media sites be selected mainly from the point of view of their reach, or based on the quality (aka. relevance) of the audiences they reach? Find out today.

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