Demographic travel trends

How can I make better investment decisions?

How can data help us optimise our properties?

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Understand your visitors

Create tailored real estate offering with in depth visitor profiles based on movement patterns and ideal demographics.

Pinpoint demographic preferences

Improve investment effectiveness and optimise property development strategies with insights into movement and demographic preferences.

Cater to residential preferences

Reveal insights into the preferred local amenities, transportation choices, and leisure activities of your residents.

Optimise commercial property

Ensure business mixes that cater to the preferences of local demographics with insights into the types of businesses or services that attract different demographic groups.

Data-driven investments

Leverage insights into the movement patterns of target demographics and their preferences for nearby amenities, influencing decisions about property types and amenities.

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Stations & hubs

Colleagues in local government now use outputs from Huq’s data for travel insights across the Glasgow City region. Uses include origin-destination analyses, and learning what draws people to local neighbourhoods

Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager, UBDC / University of Glasgow

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