Accelerate retail performance

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Hand your retail estate the advantage with insights used in Store Planning, Performance Optimisation and choosing the right Destination Type.

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We grew revenue by 11% last year using Huq insights to make smarter planning decisions.

- Head of Retail Estates,
Multiple Food Retailer

Granular Catchment Module Example Three
Granular Catchment Module Example
A Coastal Example of Visit Density
New Store Planning

Uncover new hidden retail gems

Faced with a number of prospective new store locations, how do you know which ones to select? Huq's place measurement insights offer both the volume of the local market, and whether customers are the right fit!

  • Daily footfall monitoring
  • Visit dwell-time metrics
  • Footfall density maps
  • Granular catchments
  • Contextual benchmarks
  • No-hardware solution

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Performance Optimisation

Learn how to accelerate performance

Find out how your stores are performing versus the local and wider market. Get context to assess whether it's the store to improve, if it's the local area or the wider picture. Accelerate store performance now!

  • Footfall monitoring
  • Granular catchments
  • Demographic insight
  • Enrichment supported
  • Full network coverage
  • Instant setup & history

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Granular Catchment Module Example
Granular Catchment Module Example Two
An Image Showing Footfall Outputs
Granular Catchment Module Example
Footfall Module Example Two
An Image of Dwell Time Metrics
Investment Strategy

Malls, retail parks or high streets?

Should your retail estate strategy focus on malls, retail parks, high-streets or leisure parks? Use timely, precision visitor insights to find out where the greatest opportunity lies today and take full advantage of changing trends.

  • Footfall monitoring
  • Detailed catchment
  • Frequency of visit
  • Demographic layering
  • Benchmarks included
  • Get up to 4yrs history

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Reuben Ayley, Head of Food Service Finance (International) -

This data enables us to gain insight into a crucial aspect of our business that would otherwise not be possible. Using it enables us to anticipate demand and create more robust planning.

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