Know when customers are most active to tailor your offering for their needs

Build certainty into every decision with real insight into daypart footfall behaviour.

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Unlock insights: where footfall meets time

Gain insight into the footfall dynamics and timestamps of your visitors so you can see exactly where consumers are going and how long they’re visiting.

By understanding how and when your customers move in an area, organisations can leverage personalisation for a targeted approach to site selection and investment opportunities.

What data will you be able to see?

Daypart timestamps

Footfall count

Daypart value %

See how daypart data gives you the confidence to make data-led decisions effectively


Understand your retail performance against customer engagement and visitation

  • Improve customer loyalty by matching peak dayparts with your product matrix to attract the right footfall and maximise revenue potential for your stores.
  • Tailor your marketing strategy to increase ATV and drive revenue by matching your value proposition matrix to your customer profiles.
  • Improve resource allocation by identifying peak periods and aligning store opening hours, labour rotas and inventory levels to actual customer behaviour

Real Estate

Unlock the true potential of your real estate assets by using Daypart Footfall trends to define space utilisation and tenant mix strategies

  • Profile asset-linked footfall to tailor space allocation in order to focus your tenant mix strategy.
  • Increase customer loyalty and reach by mapping the right product offering in the right locations.
  • Support lease negotiations by benchmarking actual peak footfall to increase rental rates and ROI.

Public Sector

Guide urban development strategies that meets the needs of your communities

  • Improve urban planning and resource allocation by aligning public services to the needs and dynamics of your community.
  • Identify the best times for community events to maximise event attendance and boost the engagement among the public.
  • Understand peak demand for transportation services to prioritise optimal routes planning.

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