Strategic risk mitigation

How can we prevent unplanned risk?

How can we create bulletproof strategies?

How can we accurately forecast sales?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Understand your risk profile

Understand the risk associated with a specific property or location with foot traffic trends, visit frequencies, and customer engagement to gauge the level of activity.

Stay ahead of economic trends

Identify potential risk factors that could impact property performance or market demand by overlaying mobility data with relevant economic indicators such as GDP growth, unemployment rates, or consumer sentiment.

Monitor location performances

Identify underperforming areas to implement corrective actions that mitigate risks associated with declining foot traffic.

Improve customer retention

Identify factors that impact customer retention and engagement, enabling the implementation of strategies to mitigate customer attrition risks and increase loyalty.

Empower predictive sales modelling

Leverage predictive models on historical mobility data to forecast changes in foot traffic and customer behaviour for proactive risk management.

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Annual revenue





Observations are summarised as input signal for sales prediction models, frequently surpassing 0.7+ against sales results in correlation backtesting

Isambard Poulson, CTO, Huq Industries

Isambard Poulson

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