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Unlock valuable location insights with our intuitive platform, providing unbiased global data on consumer movements in physical places.

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Unlock the secrets of customer behaviour shifts with accurate and actionable insights today. 

See how many people are visiting your location with footfall analysis to improve your site's performance

See the number of visitors in your place of interest

Explore the catchment broken down by origin and destination

Use location analytics to see where your customers are travelling from
See how long your visitors are spending in your site with location data

Understand how people are visiting the places that you are interested in

Reveal how visitor activity is distributed across your place of interest

Uncover how visitors move through your locations using mobility analytics

Industry-leading organisations leverage Huq to improve their bottom line.


Speed to insight

Get the information you need, when you need it.


Year-on-year store performance

Elevate store performance using insights to optimise placement, sales forecasting, and marketing.


Increase in funding success

Streamline impact reporting to monitor interventions effectively, creating more opportunities for investment.

The volume of data available has never been greater. The challenge has become finding value.

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Data-driven behaviour insights

Tap into diverse data sources to gauge town centre performance in footfall, dwell time, density, and more.

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Engage an expert team specialises in multiple industries, ensuring you reach your goals and optimise with confidence.

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Trusted insights provider

Data that inform academia, media, and 100+ government teams for informed decision-making.

In-depth reporting

Access comprehensive research and reports covering mobility trends and insights for confident decision-making.

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