Successful local economies

How can I ensure we make the correct investments?

How can data help us to attract new businesses?

How can we work to create thriving, sustainable towns?

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Targeted infrastructure investment

Optimise infrastructure development, such as transportation hubs and public amenities, to support economic growth in those areas.

Attract more customers

Identify seasonal trends that attract visitors with targeted activities to align with these trends and optimise your offerings and promotions.

Understand customer engagement

Monitor how placemaking initiatives or newly leased spaces impact customer behaviour and leverage location insights to make adjustments to your strategies.

Enhance visitor experiences

Develop informed strategies to enhance customer experiences, such as optimising area hospitality and supporting local businesses.

Business attraction and support

Attract businesses that align with local customer behaviours and provide support to industries that drive foot traffic.

Identify new workforce trends

Leverage location insights to pinpoint evolving commute patterns and understand where and when residents travel for work.

Optimise your portfolio

Monitor and report on the performance of your investments using foot traffic trends, customer engagement, and visit patterns.

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Stations & hubs

Colleagues in local government now use outputs from Huq’s data for travel insights across the Glasgow City region. Uses include origin-destination analyses, and learning what draws people to local neighbourhoods

Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager, UBDC / University of Glasgow


GBP Influence


Gov Departments


Uni partners

Huq’s data is real-time and that makes 3DI’s data even stronger and more valuable. Both local and central government bodies will be able to use it to get a clearer picture of the real economic impacts of Covid-19 across the country

Benjamin Lucas (PhD, FHEA), Managing Director at 3DI

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