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Build certainty into every decision with real insight into visitor profiles and footfall behaviour.

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Understand your customers

Gain an in-depth understanding of your visitors and their behaviour patterns with Demographic insight to map who’s visiting your sites and how they move and spend.

By understanding who your customers are, their purchasing power and behavioural patterns, organisations can tailor their product offering and tenant mix strategy to their visitor profiles to maximise ROI and asset performance with the right brand offering.

What Demographic data is included?

Age bands:
15 - 60+

Purchasing power

Gender split

See how Demographic data gives you the confidence to make data-led decisions effectively


Increase the impact and ROI of marketing campaigns by understanding your visitor profile

  • Maximise sales and improve customer satisfaction by tailoring your product offering to better meet the needs and preferences of your customers.
  • Tailor your marketing strategy to increase ATV and drive revenue by matching your value proposition matrix to your customer profiles.
  • Increase customer engagement and reach by mapping the right brands to your visitors.

Real Estate

Attract the right tenant mix for your visitors

  • Identify the right mix of tenants for your visitors to increase footfall, property value and tenant retention.
  • Align demand and supply dynamics more effectively in order to reduce risk of site selection.
  • Support rental valuations by understanding how footfall and visitor behavioural patters vary across and within your asset portfolio.

Public Sector

Understand tourist and initiative-linked footfall to develop prosperous communities

  • Quantify the economic benefits of public sector actions and guide policymaking with footfall and visitor profile insights for local government and BIDs.
  • Prioritise infrastructure investments and urban planning to meet the needs and preferences of the community.
  • Enhance public engagement with the community by mapping visitor profiles to locations for events and activities that resonate with your actual and target demographic.

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