Precise transport planning

How can I optimise local transport routes?

What data can I use to help reduce congestion?

How can we change networks to improve sustainability?

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Targeted infrastructure investment

Optimise infrastructure development, such as transportation hubs and public amenities, to support economic growth in those areas.

Monitor routes and transport methods

Surface patterns in popular destinations, peak travel times, and recurring travel routes to gain insights into typical travel behaviours with common travel routes, modes of transportation used, and frequency of travel.

See origins and destinations

Study origin-destination pairs to understand where people begin their journeys and where they end up to identify commuting patterns, popular travel corridors, and the interconnectivity of different regions.

Identify core behaviours

Uncover unique travel behaviours and preferences for different traveler profiles, such as commuters, tourists, or business traveler, enabling you to tailor services and offerings more effectively.

Identify new workforce trends

Leverage mobility data to pinpoint evolving commute patterns and understand where and when residents travel for work.

Business attraction and support

Attract businesses that align with local customer behaviours and provide support to industries that drive foot traffic.

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Huq’s data is real-time and that makes 3DI’s data even stronger and more valuable. Both local and central government bodies will be able to use it to get a clearer picture of the real economic impacts of Covid-19 across the country

Benjamin Lucas (PhD, FHEA), Managing Director at 3DI

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