Better marketing placement

How can I develop more effective marketing campaigns?

What can we do to increase customer engagement?

How can I improve ROI on physical marketing campaigns?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Understand your market

Understand granular and accurate information about user movement and behaviour.

Identify visitor hotspots

Identify key locations, popular venues, and high-traffic areas where your target audience frequently visit - including shopping centres, high streets or recreational spaces.

Enrich your customer profiles

Create and monitor segments for your target audience based on demographics, behaviours, and preferences to tailor your marketing efforts to specific groups.

Build location tailored campaigns

Leverage catchment insights to design location-specific marketing campaigns. Create targeted campaigns and offers that resonate with the interests and needs of people frequenting certain area.

Optimise marketing with targated campaigns

Adjust your marketing placements and strategies based on dynamic changes in user behaviour, seasonality, or emerging trends to ensure optimal engagement and impact.

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Huq’s mobility data helps us to make better investment decisions and allows us to appropriately manage risk on behalf of our investor clients

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