Truly understand you and your competitors' customers' needs.

Understanding your customers is a challenging and complex task. Knowing where the demand is for your products can be the difference between success and failure. It's vital to conduct market research and draw as many actionable insights as you can early on.

At Huq, we understand this and that's why we have built our real-world consumer research products to scale, to adapt to needs, and to deliver representative and relevant retail market insights to our retail customers. Make the best decisions possible.

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"Huq is one of the most exciting tech companies I've come across in a long time."

Cate Trotter
Head of Trends, Insider Trends

Research Your Own Customers - or your Competitors' Customers Customer Analysis

Learn more about your customers and your competitors’ customers than was ever possible before with our on-demand, real-world retail intelligence data products. Available today and updated in real-time, our living datasets offer reliable insights into your customers and your competitors' customers.

Prepare for Market - Learn What your Local Customers Want, Like and Need Local Market Data

Develop a deeper understanding of the customers who are walking into your store and conduct detailed analysis of their likes and needs using our unique and powerful real-world consumer research datasets. Our products are designed to be easy to use and are built to meet your exact needs.

Meet The Most Effective Means to Find the Optimal Locations for Your Store Store Planning

Property analysts and investors can uncover the ideal location for new stores based on powerful market insights. Our data speaks to where demand is highest, and supply the least. Explore how consumers live, work and shop in local areas and confidently determine the best locations for your new stores.

Solutions for Retail

Want to find the best location for a new store? Our data products are ideal for retail-store planners and retail estate managers who are looking to find locations which have the highest demand for their stores / products - locally or anywhere in the world.

Want to understand the profile of the residents who live nearby? Our Data Dashboard and Data Feed products offer unique insights into the retail and professional norms of local markets so that you can match stock and offers to local needs.

Our data products are already being used by leading retail professionals to make smarter, more calculated decisions. Don’t get left behind. Get demo access today.

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