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The Real Estate sector thrives on data. What sets you apart from your competition however is your ability to draw actionable insights from this data, and make effective Real Estate choices. With our consumer research data products, this process has never been more insightful.

Our Real Estate market solutions are built to help both Residential and Commercial Real Estate professionals identify and act on valuable investment opportunities. Huq empowers development theses with accurate, detailed and innovative market data that can be relied on.

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"Huq’s data is a key tool for Select Property Group, enabling our team to make informed decisions about many aspects of our property portfolio."

David Ancell
Head of Digital, Select Property Group

Indentify the Most Rewarding Commercial Real Estate Opportunities Commercial Property

Develop Commercial Real Estate with the needs and wants of local residents in mind. Explore local retail preferences and residents' professional profiles to help you develop the perfect Commercial Real Estate proposition for that area.

Know Where to Invest in Residential Property Residential Markets

Uncover early signs of gentrification, the preferences of local residents for shops and amenities and other residential investment drivers ahead of the competition. Use our data to unearth powerful residential market insights.

Real Estate Solutions

Find emerging trends and behaviours that characterise geographic areas and spot new retail and residential opportunities ahead of your competition. Use Huq's unique trends and insights data to support your decision-making process, and make smart Real Estate investment choices now.

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