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Reasons for choosing Huq Location Data

Huq’s location intelligence data enables you to derive the most accurate and actionable insights for your organisation. With our comprehensive data solutions, you can confidently pinpoint customer behaviours for better investment decisions.

Quality of Data

Huq is the only first-party that collects data directly from end users through our SDK technology, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in the industry.

Speed to Insights

Get data insights just 4 days after it happened. You can be confident in receiving timely and actionable insights to make informed decisions quickly.

Availability of Data

Our varied panel ensures comprehensive data collection, capturing a wide range of data points, including consumer movement and spending patterns for deeper analysis and understanding.

Global Reach: Location Intelligence Data From 190 Countries

We partner with apps globally to ensure consistent coverage across the world. Whether you want to benchmark location performance in Manchester, Dubai, or Sydney, our data is collected, processed, and anonymised the same way, giving you a standardised global data set.




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Daily Data Points

Why Our Location Intelligence Data Is The Right Choice

Huq location intelligence data combines global coverage, privacy protection, reliability, and ethical data collection practices, making it the cost-effective choice for businesses seeking actionable insights into consumer behaviour and real-time market trends.


1st Party Data

Huq is the only 1st party data provider globally.

Cost Effective

Comprehensive footfall reports at Low cost entry point.

Spend Data

Footfall enriched with Mastercard® geo-spend data.

Globally Consistent

One collection method for like for like comparison.

Accurate Counting

Measures the unique visitors without double counting.

GDPR Compliant

We comply with the highest standards in privacy.

Our Product

Third Party


Our platform provides more than Location Intelligence Data

Our comprehensive reports offer 7 unique location insights to enable government, retail, real estate, and finance sectors to make better decisions.

Footfall & Daypart Data

Understand where your customers go, when they visit, and how long they stay.

Spend Data

Compare the relative spend and footfall for any location across the UK.

Granular Catchment

Discover where your visitors are coming from.


Gain an understanding of your customers with detailed visitor profiles including gender, age bands and purchasing power.

Dwell Time

Find out how long your customers stay in a specific location.


Discover footfall hotspots and prime pitches with density heat maps and see where your customers are and where you should be.

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Common questions about our Location Intelligence data.


Location intelligence data refers to the insights derived from the analysis of geographic and spatial data. This data is essential for understanding customer behaviour, optimising store layouts, managing staffing levels, and planning marketing strategies. By analysing location intelligence data, organisations can gain insights into peak shopping times, customer movement patterns, and overall store performance.

Huq collects and processes data solely for research purposes. Within its data asset, individual identities remain anonymised, safeguarding against the inclusion of any personally identifiable information. The acquisition of data from first-party partners operates on an ‘opt-in’ basis, ensuring that each user explicitly consents to the capture and sharing of their location data through the apps they utilise for data collation.

You can view daily, weekly, and yearly data with Huq location intelligence data. Our customisable time period options allow you to analyse trends over short and long durations, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour and helping you make informed decisions.

With Huq’s location intelligence data, you can view over 5 years of historical data. This extensive data history allows you to track long-term trends, compare performance across different time periods, and gain valuable insights into how customer behaviour has evolved over time.

For further details, visit the Huq Foot Traffic Data Page.

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