A Real-time Refresh on 2011 Census Stats using Huq’s Geo-data

Leeds University BA student Ellie Marfleet takes on the 2011 Census using Huq's geo-data to gain more timely and up-to-date insights on regional…

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Huq Debuts Geo-data Products on BattleFin Ensemble

We are pleased to announce the launch of Huq’s Geo-data Daily Rollup product on BattleFin’s Ensemble platform, a one-stop shop for sources of…

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Managing Massive Tables In BigQuery With Wildcards

BigData engineer Alessandro Puccetti lifts the lid on strategies for managing large datasets in BigQuery, in this case looking closely at wildcard…

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Five Essential Qualities for Geo-data Used in Stocks Prediction

We asked Isambard Poulson, Huq CTO, what are some of the key qualities that customers look for when evaluating sources of geo-data for stocks…

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100x Performance Gains with BigQuery Geography Clustering

Google BigQuery has introduced table clustering using geography-type columns, making spatial queries not only lightning fast but also stunningly…

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How Much Data Do You Need to Measure Trends in Footfall?

In this article we examine the theoretical minimum panel size requirement for observing changes in footfall over time using geo-data.

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Normalisation in Mobile Geo-data Time-series Analysis

Mobile geo-data sheds a lot of light on how consumers interact with the physical world, but there are new challenges to face when making sense of the…

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UCL’s Terje Trasberg Correlates Huq’s Geo-data with SmartStreetSensor Data

How well does mobile geo-data reflect actual consumer footfall patterns and trends? As part of her doctoral thesis at University College London…

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Huq Launches Revenata for Privacy-led Geo-data Monetisation

Huq announces the launch of Revenata.com, a monetisation platform for app owners that offers ad-free revenue for content in a way that is…

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