CACI and Huq Industries Partner Partnership Announced

CACI, the leading marketing technology and location planning specialist has partnered with Huq Industries, provider of in-depth behavioural…

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Huq Welcomes Diageo Veteran Andy Robertson to its Board

Huq Industries is pleased to announce that startup investor and former Diageo Global Sales Director Andy Robertson has joined its board.

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Are Madvertising Consultances Here for Good?

Management Consultancies rightly scent an opportunity to move into - or displace - some of the incumbent agencies.

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Quality versus Quantity In Out-of-Home Planning

Should outdoor media be valued on reach, or based on the qualities of outdoor audiences?

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Find out if Londoners Really go the Gym the Most

Who in England goes to the Gym the most? We sorted gym fans from those who should cancel their membership.

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Some Truths About Mobile Location Data Accuracy

Is mobile geo-data accurate enough to measure visits to shops and stores? Huq reveals some uncomfortable truths about the real accuracy of mobile geo…

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