US-Schengen Travel Ban To Cost US Hotels $1.3Bn

With the recent restriction of US travel with the EU-Schengen area, Huq's geo-data suggests that the cost for the hotel industry alone is worth…

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COVID19 – 9.26% of Visitors to Italy Left Before Quarantine

What happened to overseas visitors still in Italy during the initial quarantine period in the North, and during the days before a nationwide…

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How Cosmopolitan is Your Neighbourhood?

How many different countries does your local area attract visitors from? Is your region of the UK a magnet for travellers from around the world - or…

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Hiring! Data Analyst with an Enquiring Mind

We are now recruiting a Data Analyst to join a growing team based in London. The successful candidate will become Huq's resident expert for customers…

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Hiring! Talented Business Development Manager (BDM)

We are now recruiting an experienced Business Development Manager (BDM) to join a growing Sales team based in London. We are seeking candidates who…

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The Top 10 Reasons to Visit the High Street in 2019

It’s easy to think that the big retail attractions are the biggest names. Geo-data from Huq offers surprises as to what drives customers to the high…

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Sainsbury’s Share of Grocery Visits Decline Continues into Q1 2020

Analysis of Huq's GB groceries sector visit-share shows the downward trend for Sainsbury’s continues into 2020 and becomes more acute. Will this be…

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Chinatown Footfall Down 9.1% on 3-year Mean in January 2020

In this analysis we measure the visitor trend to London’s Chinatown and observe a significant decrease in footfall following the start of the year.

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How Attitudes Towards Ad-Targeting Vary by Time and Country

Only 10% globally have chosen to take steps to withhold their MOAD. In the context of all we hear about privacy, does this figure surprise you? Well,…

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