Staffing at UK Factories Lags EU Counterparts by 28pts

The return of employees to manufacturing facilities across the UK has stalled since June, with presence failing to recover beyond 60% of Y/Y levels.…

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Last Orders: Pub Visits Surge as New Restrictions Announced

Footfall to Pubs reached a post-Covid high on Saturday, with Huq’s Daily Index climbing to almost 100% of Year-on-Year levels - a drastic change in…

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Pub Visits in Sharp Decline as New Restrictions Loom

Visits to pubs across the UK took a tumble in September as the stimulus of Eat-Out-to-Help-Out appears to be running dry and large parts of the…

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10 Things to Know About Location Data in 2020 – Expert Guide

Detailed answers to all the questions you've ever had about mobile location data, what it is and how it works. Expert FAQ from industry insiders.

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UK ‘Commute Economy’ Recovers 2x Faster than London

Residents in Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield have been the fastest to return to work, with attendance climbing to almost 50% of YOY levels.

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Gym-goers Enthusiastic But Recovery Stuck at 65pts

Gyms and studios recovered enthusiastically following their re-opening on July 25th to around 65% of 2019 levels.

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Restaurants Wobble Without ‘Eat-Out-to-Help-Out’ Support

In the fortnight since Eat Out to Help out ended, visits to the nation’s eateries appears to be wavering according to new data from the Huq Index for…

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Staycation Summer: UK Hotel Recovery Leaves London Trailing

London’s accommodation sector has recovered at around half the pace of the rest of the UK, as mobile data suggests a lack of international tourists…

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Mobility Data Reveals Startling Link Between Population Mobility and Infection Rates

Mobility data mapped against new cases of Covid-19 across Paris and London since the start of the year reveals a startling link between population…

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