Better location placement

How can I improve capture while decreasing cannibalisation?

How can location data help us benchmark success?

How can we gain a competitive market edge?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Understand your existing markets

Leverage Mobility data to create a robust picture of the market that covers movement patterns, foot traffic, and visit durations across various locations.

Monitor placement performance

Evaluate the performance of your current placements with insights on which areas experience high foot traffic, peak visit times, and strong customer engagement to pinpoint underperforming locations.

Prevent customer cannibalisation

Pinpoint the demographics, preferences, and behaviours of visitors in different areas to tailor your new placement strategies.

Find high potential areas

Leverage the mobility data to identify areas with high foot traffic and optimal trends, aligning with your target audience's preferences.

Monitor and test in real time

Monitor the impact of your changes and new placement strategies using insights on foot traffic, customer engagement, and other relevant metrics to assess the effectiveness of the re-strategised placements.

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Huq’s mobility data helps us to make better investment decisions and allows us to appropriately manage risk on behalf of our investor clients

Jonathan Bayfield, Head of UK Real Estate Research at Aviva Investors

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