Improve place performance

How can data help us produce desired place behaviours?

What steps can we take to improve customer experience?

How can we maximise revenue generation?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Optimise resource allocation

Optimise resources and inventory with insights from foot traffic patterns and peak visit times, ensuring excellent customer experiences while minimising excess stock.

Data-driven marketing campaigns

Leverage mobility insights to time and place marketing campaigns effectively, targeting customers during peak foot traffic hours to maximise campaign reach and impact.

Maximise placement planning

Drive success with strategic store placement that capture the right audiences with mobility insights.

Understand your audience

Identify your customers and their behavioural patterns and preferences for a more targeted and relevant marketing campaign.

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Annual revenue





Observations are summarised as input signal for sales prediction models, frequently surpassing 0.7+ against sales results in correlation backtesting

Isambard Poulson, CTO, Huq Industries

Isambard Poulson

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