Placemaking and leasing

How can we enhance retail customer experiences?

How can data help increase tenant satisfaction?

How can I drive engagement and revenue?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ inustry leaders

Pinpoint high traffic zones

Identify high-traffic areas within your properties or retail spaces through foot traffic patterns and visit frequencies. Pinpoint prime locations for placemaking initiatives or high-demand spaces for leasing to maximise visibility and engagement.

Surface customer patterns

Understand customer behaviour and preferences within your properties with popular routes, dwell times, and points of interest. Strategically position amenities, retail offerings, and gathering spaces in areas that align with customer movement.

See routes and movements

Find patterns in popular destinations, peak travel times, and recurring origin and destination movement to gain insights into typical travel behaviours with common travel routes, modes of transportation used, and frequency of travel.

Improve planning

Identify seasonal trends that attract visitors with targeted placemaking activities or lease spaces to align with these trends and optimise your offerings and promotions.

Drive engagement

Monitor how placemaking initiatives or newly leased spaces impact customer behaviour and leverage location insights to make adjustments to your strategies.

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Huq’s mobility data helps us to make better investment decisions and allows us to appropriately manage risk on behalf of our investor clients

Jonathan Bayfield, Head of UK Real Estate Research at Aviva Investors

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