Accurate tenant insights

How can data help us better understand our tenants?

How can we better align with customer preferences?

What can I do to enhance the success of property?

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Understand your visitors

Identifying businesses that align with the footfall and visitor trends of your area with movement patterns, visit frequency, and dwell times of potential tenants.

Identify peak trends

Leverage insights into peak visit times and days to potential tenants' operating hours and services to optimise resource allocation.

Optimise tenant experience

Leverage insights into business patronage to strategically place offerings that curate a diverse and tenant experience and give feedback back to businesses.

Identify market gaps

Leverage location insights to surface gaps in the market and underrepresented businesses and unmet visitor, worker and customer needs.

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Stations & hubs

Colleagues in local government now use outputs from Huq’s data for travel insights across the Glasgow City region. Uses include origin-destination analyses, and learning what draws people to local neighbourhoods

Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager, UBDC / University of Glasgow

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