360 location intelligence

How can we place new locations more strategically?

What can I do to improve the appeal of local places?

How can we react faster to changing environments?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Make accurate customer profiles

Easily tailor your offerings to match the characteristics of the local customer base using insights into demographics, behaviours, and preferences of visitors in a specific location.

Improve foot traffic management

Make informed decisions about placement and marketing with insights into peak visit times, popular routes, and areas of interest to make informed decisions about placement, marketing, and amenities.

Stay ahead of competitors

Surface your strengths and weaknesses with comparisons of foot traffic and customer behaviour at your location with those of competitors nearby.

Optimise placemaking strategies

Enhance the overall customer experience with insights that help identify high-traffic zones within a location.

Intelligent predictive modelling

Leverage historical mobility data to build predictive models that can forecast future foot traffic trends, allowing you to anticipate changes and optimise strategies proactively.

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Annual sales

Huq’s catchment insights allows JD to more accurately assess the impact of the wider retail catchment on the sales potential of new store opportunities

Alastair Browne, JD Group Head of Site Research & Strategic Insight

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