Sainsbury’s Share of Grocery Visits Decline Continues into Q1 2020

In this analysis we used our POI-enriched geo-events data to aggregate unique daily visits to a specified list of GB retail brands that between them represent the key players in the local industry. We then calculated the share of the total that visits to each retailer represents and expressed those relative metrics at the monthly level.

sainsburys share of gb groceries visits continues decline

The resulting series show clear trends among the retailers over a 3.5 year period – features of which we have annotated in the chart with their corresponding news announcements.

For example, the growth of Tesco relative to its peers over the 2017-18 period is separately confirmed at its conclusion by researcher Kantar. In Jan 2019 Kantar reveals that Asda overtook Sainsbury’s as GB’s second largest grocer – a measurement apparent in our data two months prior. Aldi continues its growth as the challenger, as reported on extensively.

The downward trend for Sainsbury’s however continues through the series and becomes more pronounced into 2020. Will this be reflected in their Q1 results?