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Important things to know

Read our commonly-asked questions section for information concerning payment options, payment terms, factors that may influence your monthly earnings. Still unsure about something discussed here? Get in touch.

  • How does Huq generate revenue for my app?

    Huq has enterprise customers in industries from Finance, Property, Media and Government who pay for access to our market intelligence reports for a variety of business purposes. The revenue from those sales is used to pay members of our Partner Network.

  • What does Huq do with my data?

    Huq takes everyday data from your app’s environment and turns that into real-world in-store foot traffic insight, which is sold to Enterprise Customers in the form of anonymised market intelligence reports. Check out our customer site if you’d like to see examples of the reports we create.

  • How are my earnings calculated?

    At the end of each month we calculate the number of monthly active users (MAU) submitted from across your apps, and multiply that by the rates that correspond to the countries where that data originated. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of your earnings in your dashboard as your earnings reports are published.

  • Can location services opt-in rates affect my earnings?

    Best practices for working with Huq are to ensure you follow the advice in the docs carefully and ensure you request the right permissions and location services. SDK requests that are not geo-enabled do not count towards the data you supply.

  • Does it matter where in the world my users are based?

    Yes. Each country falls into one of three regions which corresponding rates. The highest-paying countries are classified as Region 1. You can check the country of each region in our factsheet here. Lastly - the more users you submit data for, the more MAU units we can pay you for.

  • How often and how soon will I be paid by Huq?

    At the end of each calendar month, you will receive a statement from Huq that details that month’s earnings in your partner dashboard. Our payments are made direct to your bank account - and we can also pay you using PayPal. So long as your cumulative account balance comes to more than $50.00, you’ll receive payment within 60 days of the statement date.

How to join

The process is simple. Apply to join a Huq Industries Partner Network, including a link to your organisation or one of your apps on either app store. We’ll review your audience profile and the content of your apps, and get back to you with a decision and steps in 7 days.

Want to discuss?

If you've read both sets of FAQs and your question is still not answered, check out our GitHub repo for further technical advice, or contact the support team.

Technical Considerations

Technical FAQs

Read carefully through the following common questions to fully understand the proposition, and to make sure that we're a good fit.

  • Does Huq comply with iTunes and Play Store T&Cs?

    Yes, it certainly does. Huq goes out of its way to ensure that its software and practices comply with the ethical and regulatory requirements set by mobile app platform vendors - in particular with respect to data protection and end-user anonymity.

  • Which permissions does Huq’s SDK require?

    Huq’s SDK requires location services enabled, and access to WiFi interface data. For Android apps, Huq requires access to FINE location and WiFI.For best results on iOS, apps should request background location services wherever possible.

  • Do I need explicit user opt-in or to update my T&Cs?

    Huq does not collect any form of personally-identifiable or sensitive user information - so your users simply need to agree to provide access to their location (on iOS) or location and WiFi data on Android. Please refer to Huq Industries' Services Terms & Conditions for advice and examples of additional information you may need to convey to your users in your app(s') T&Cs or About Section.

  • Does the SDK have any impact on battery life?

    Quite the contrary. SourceKit consumes around 1% of device battery per week, which is a negligible amount. Bad coding is unkind to battery-life, and SourceKit is a beauty. Enjoy!

  • Which platforms does Huq’s SDK currently support?

    At present, Huq offers native libraries for Android (Java), for iOS (Objective-C and Swift). In the near future, we hope to extend support other environments such as Flex-Air, Unity, and Cordova.

Data we collect

The data we collect via our SDK enables us to understand what groups of consumers get up to in the real-world; where they shop, work, travel and rest. Geographic data forms a part of what we use.

We also leverage wider environmental signals such as WiFi, and anonymous network-device level metadata that is similar to what you find in your existing app analytics products.

We Privacy

We are committed to observing the latest and best practices concerning user privacy under legislation and regulatory requirements from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and GDPR. All and any data we collect and process is anonymised and fully compliant with AppStore and Play Store T&C’s.

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