Huq Launches Revenata for Privacy-led Geo-data Monetisation

Huq announces the launch of, a monetisation platform for mobile app publishers that offers ad-free revenue for mobile apps in a way that is privacy-assured.

The platform works by allowing mobile app publishers to embed a purpose-built software library within their apps that they can activate using a personalised account key. App users that enable location services and provide the necessary consent for data sharing are counted towards the app publishers’ monthly total which forms the basis of their ad-free mobile app revenue generation.

What makes a good app partner for Revenata?

Some of the key considerations that uses to evaluate partners and promotes across its network include:

  • Geographic distribution

Across which countries are an app’s users present? Demand for geo-data occurs worldwide, but certain geographies receive much greater demand from companies that this data to inform their business activities. prioritises coverage from North America, Europe and the Middle East region, although this focus can quickly expand to incorporate other parts of the world and Revenata’s app publishers will receive the benefit of that uplift.

  • Access to location services is primarily focused on the monetisation of anonymised app location data, so access to location services is a key factor in what makes a suitable partner. The way that location services is made available differs across iOS and Android, in that iOS provides users with the choice between foreground and background location permission modes. Android offers a more binary choice – ie. always on – but provides for fine or coarse location modes.

Necessarily, the best quality location dataset will be comprised of the best accuracy location data in greatest abundance, and so apps with fine location permissions and background-mode enabled on iOS will be preferred.

  • Number of monthly active users

App revenue is calculated on a per-1,000 monthly active user basis, with rates that vary according to the countries in which they are located. The greater the size of the app audience, and the more relevant the location of those audiences, the greater the monetisation potential for the app partner. But it’s also important to consider the behaviour of those users in terms of their relationship with the app.

  • User churn and engagement

The measurements made by Revenata’s mobile app software are used to build market research panels that help Huq’s customers discover and observe consumer trends in the offline domain. Low user churn rates are preferred by analysts and users of the data as strong panel consistency helps clients observe changes and trends over time more reliably. For that reason, apps with low user churn rates are preferred.

App users decide whether they wish to provide or withhold consent for their data to be used in this way, and similarly they decide whether to provide access to location and other permissions to the apps that they use. Apps with a strong use-case for seeking access to location services result in higher opt-in rates than those without, and this is considered a positive for the monetisation and value potential.

What privacy benefits does Revenata bring to apps and their users? is the data sourcing and measurement brand for Huq Industries, provider of the world’s most accurate geo-data to researchers and analysts across finance, retail and real-estate. What makes Revenata unique is that none of the data collected is ever used in digital advertising for profiling, targeting, re-targeting or in content personalisation. Data is only ever used in an aggregate, anonymised form by customers who wish to learn about offline consumer trends.

This unique focus allows Huq and Revenata to decouple the user from the end product, providing scope for far greater anonymisation and end-user privacy than other mobile data monetisation platforms. The final data output is also distributed to a known and tightly-controlled professional customer-base, where usage and applications of the data are governed by contract.

Key privacy features

  • All data is collected and processed in accordance with GDPR / CCPA requirements
  • Our SDK is easy to integrate with all major Consent Management Platforms (CMPs)
  • None of our data is used in advertising, re-targeting or for content personalisation
  • Data collection and privacy practices are compliant with App Store / Play Store terms

Revenata is a platform dedicated to monetising location data in ways that are ethically, legally and technically best-in-class where it concerns protections for end-users and data privacy. We put data-security at the centre of what we do.

How much can app publishers earn?

The revenue opportunity is based on the number of opted-in, location-enabled app users that supply data onto Revenata’s platform every month. It is also influenced by the countries in which those users are located. What that means in terms of the opportunity is dependent on the app partner therefore, but in certain cases apps can earn in the $10Ks in new, non-exclusive and additive revenue. That alone can be worth 50% of existing programmatic advertising revenues, and so the opportunity is significant.

Revenata is supporting the mobile app ecosystem – both publishers and users – by offering meaningful revenue to app owners to re-invest in content while de-cluttering the app experience for app users in a way that is built for privacy both ethically and in terms of compliance.

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