Make astute investment decisions with our ahead-of-market consumer intelligence data.

Our real-world consumer markets data is ready and available to power your investment decision-making today. We are the only platform that is built from the ground-up to offer deterministic insights into what consumers are doing in the real world – anywhere across the globe.

If you are looking for retail sector or retail brand performance indicators ahead of time, or to observe changes in the value of retailers' customers, Huq offers the only dataset that you can rely on.

"Huq’s data provides our customers with accurate, detailed intelligence that is invaluable to their research and portfolio construction process."

Frank Freitas
Founder & CEO, Pluribus Labs

Evaluate Emerging Consumer Trends in Retail Customer Analytics

Classify consumer profiles of retailers globally and accurately identify changes in their value. Recognise spending patterns and expenditure behaviour of customers ahead of the market. Know your portfolio's business fundamentals best!

Evaluate Category Performance in the Retail Sector Retail Market Trends

Our retail market data is used to analyse the true impact of inflation, the influence of Brexit on UK consumer confidence and to observe neew trends in the consumer sector. Use Huq to discover emerging retail trends before anyone else.

Evaluate Retailer Performance on a Like-for-Like Basis Retailer Analytics

Our Retailer analytics enables you to accurately anticipate retailer’s monthly data reports and make calculated investment decisions like no one can. Gain access to unique and powerful retail insights to keep ahead of the market.

Solutions for Finance

Huq's consumer research data is reliable, versatile and 100% unique. Achieve unrivalled retail market calls that deliver an invaluable advantage over your competition.

The retail market data that we collect globally through our global mobile app publisher network represents the largest of its kind. This, with the reliability of our intelligence, allows you to make smarter investment decisions with complete confidence across consumer sectors worldwide.

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