Huq is different by design.

Imagine if you knew when, where and why consumers do what they do? The sheer volume of consumer insight we make available is game-changing. Huq's unique and powerful consumer research data helps you understand how consumers browse, buy, eat, work, play or bank - and how that changes over time.

Our proprietary data collection methodology delivers real-world consumer behaviour data on a massive scale, ensuring that the data on which you base decisions is the world's most relevant and reliable.

Retail Market Data for Finance For Finance

Discover market trends ahead of time with our unique and reliable data. With the diversity and scale of our datasets, you can rely on Huq to provide unique insights that you just can’t find elsewhere.

Our Finance Solutions
Consumer Marketing Data for Media Planners
For Media

Our comprehensive real-world audience data from 10x millions of individuals means that your planning will be more effective than ever, and our Make your next campaign your best campaign.

Our Media Solutions
Real Estate Market Data For Real-estate

Huq's unique and powerful Housing Market and Commercial Property intelligence solutions help you break new ground in Real-estate development. With our innovative, living datasets, you'll know when it’s right to make a move before anyone else.

Our Real-estate Solutions
Retail Customer Data For Retail

Huq’s real-world consumer behaviour data helps you know your customers better, measure how your competitors stack up, and find the best locations for new stores. Our unique datasets help you find the people who want what you’re selling.

Our Retail Solutions

Sector-led Solutions

You’ll never be more confident in your decision-making than with Huq. Our world-leading consumer data will revolutionise how you research your markets, model outcomes, measure success and pick your next investments. Huq is the competitive advantage you need to take your business forward with confidence.

Our products are endlessly customisable and uniquely positioned to showcase the trends and correlations that matter to you and your business. Our real-world consumer intelligence data provides you with information and insights that are simply unavailable elsewhere.

In an absolute first, Huq quantifies and qualifies real-world consumer data in a way that means you can take decisive, meaningful action. Huq's datasets are both hugely diverse and truly representative. There is no limit to their applications. Huq's on-demand consumer research data is available right now.

News and Views

Huq's automation specialist Alessandro Puccetti describes how to optimise Google Cloud Composer to run thousands of short-living Airflow tasks.

Huq is recruiting a Data Engineer who is expert in Python, TDD and Linux to work on our primary data processing pipeline.

Huq is recruiting a Data Analyst who is expert in SQL, has worked with large datasets and GIS, and is a passionate communicator.

Introducing Speed - the latest attribute addition to our dataset. This map illustrates speed, and what it means for what you can do with our data.

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