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London Estate Agents 30pts Busier Than Last Autumn

Data made available just 48hrs behind real-time reveals a 30pt rise in visits to London Estate Agents versus the autumn of last year.

UK Cargo Port Transits 25pts Above pre-Brexit Levels

The number of transits through post-Brexit ports is up to 25pts greater than they were pre-Brexit and before the pandemic, with…

Manchester Footfall 130pts Above pre-Pandemic Levels

Central Manchester is the busiest it’s been since the start of the pandemic, with footfall double the January 2020 mean.

London Public Transport Recovers to 60% but Square Mile at 23%

Usage of London’s transport network - which includes TFL’s tubes and buses - and overland commuter services has regained 60% of…

Retail Therapy: Shoppers Return to Malls & Shopping Centres with Enthusiasm After April-12th

Visits to larger malls and shopping centres in the UK rose more rapidly than other retail destinations since re-opening on April 12th, with…

Visits to Restaurants in the UK Rise to 9-month High

Visits to restaurants across the UK have climbed to 70% of pre-pandemic levels, the highest they have been since September last year.