Ready for take-off! UK Outbound Travel Up by 30% in May

The number of British residents travelling overseas has risen by more than 30% so far in May with the cautious reopening of international on Monday 17th. This rise is even more pronounced among ‘green-list’ countries, where quarantining on return is not required, showing a 2.5x increase in trips made from the UK over the same period.

UK Overseas Travel Rises 30% so far in May
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This index, which uses geo-location data to measure the number of UK residents travelling overseas, recorded little change with the arrival of the early May bank holiday, usually the popular time for early sunshine breaks. However, the easing of travel restrictions has prompted the sharpest rise in travel abroad since the start of the year.

While reports suggest confidence is gradually returning, uncertainty over government travel advice and continued warnings against non-essential travel cast doubt over the shape of recovery that this measurement is likely to take.

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