Over-50s Park Visits Double Post-Vaccine Roll Out

British over-50s have had a vaccine-induced spring in their step over the last few weeks, with the number of park visits amongst this demographic doubling since the start of the year.

The acceleration in parks’ usage is significantly greatest for those in this demographic: rising at 51% more than those aged 30-40, and 85% more than those aged 20-30, having begun the year 17% below all other age groups.

Huq measured mobile devices from its panel in 1,678 local parks and public spaces extracted from Open Street Map for the UK. Visits were filtered to only include those people resident within 2km of each park.

With warmer weather (hopefully!) on the way and the the reopening of non-essential retail and hospitality this week, data will reveal how increased mobility could be playing into the economy in recent days and the coming weeks. Sign up to our newsletter here to receive 3x weekly updates.

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