Italy’s Hospitality Sector Steadies at 50% of Pre-Covid Levels as Borders Reopen

Customer activity across Italy’s hospitality sector has steadied at around 50% of pre-Covid levels in the three weeks since lockdown policies were eased on 18 May. With Italy set to re-open its borders to European countries today, Huq’s Key Consumer Industries Indicator confirms reports that while consumers have appetite, the country’s restaurants and cafes have some way to go to get back to normal trading.

As reported by Huq last week, footfall across Italy’s hospitality sector rose five-fold after lockdown eased off as Italians rushed to enjoy some release and a meal out. However, footfall has then peaked at around 55% of pre-lockdown levels and has steadied there since. With social distancing measures in place and with businesses reporting the challenges associated with that, Huq’s data indicates that the limiting factor is more one of capacity rather than consumer demand.

Huq’s broader data suggests that across the world, the picture of recovery for hospitality and other sectors could look further subdued as residents in other countries appear to be taking a more cautious approach to coming out of lockdown. Globally, it’s clear that residents of different countries are responding to ‘lockdown liberation’ differently; Italy and France have seen a considerable rise in population movement since the lifting of lockdown, while Australia and Germany have only seen moderate increases.

The coming weeks and months will reveal how Italian policy makers strike a balance between salvaging some of its peak holiday season and keeping its citizens safe.


Further examination of Huq Indicators can offer valuable insights as to how consumers are responding to lockdown relaxation around the world day-by-day. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within our current catalogue then get in touch with our team to commission your own custom indicator.