Commute Collapse: Office Attendance just 18% of Pre-Lockdown Levels

The proportion of workers travelling to their offices is holding steady at around 18% of pre-lockdown levels in the UK, as Huq’s high-frequency geo-data offers clues as to the impact of the new a work-from-home norm.

Office-based workplace presence dropped to near-zero when lockdown came into effect at the end of March with presence seeing a slight increase towards the end of May as it ended. Since then, it has resumed a weekly cadence with peak levels of footfall Monday-to-Friday but it has yet to reach even a quarter of usual traffic.

The following strong messages from the government encouraging people to return to work in a safe way, and the introduction of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme offering further encouragement, there has been small uplift over the last few weeks but we have yet to see a post-lockdown ‘peak’ of over 25pts.

With startling images of a vacant city continuing to be reported, time will reveal the true and long-term impact of this new trend on retailers, the foodservice sector, real estate owners and transport operators.

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