C19 Recovery Starts Monday! Track it Daily with Huq Indicators.

With C19 restrictions set to be relaxed across many countries across Europe, the question on all our minds is what same will recovery take? We all know what the lock down looked like. As from Monday, things will start to change that could have a significant bearing on the economy and businesses you invest in.

Restrictions Loosened Across Europe

Across Europe the first steps are being taken to relax and loosen the restrictions on businesses that have left huge swathes of the consumer sectors in lockdown. Yesterday, on Tuesday, Austria and Italy both allowed shops and stores in certain industries to reopen to the public for the first time in weeks. Italy – the hardest hit so far – is now allowing bookshops and children’s clothing stores to open, and Austria is allowing the public to visit garden centres and home improvement / DIY outlets. On Monday Spain permitted some construction and manufacturing sites to open. Denmark and Norway are set to reopen primary schools and kindergartens mid-week, and Germany is likely to follow suit.

Key dates: 

  • Mon April 13: Spain allows some construction and building sites to reopen
  • Tues April 14: France and Italy allow some types of shops and stores to reopen
  • Wed April 15: Denmark and Norway plan to open primary schools and kindergartens

Tracking Recovery as it Happens Daily

To help our customers measure and make sense of the impact that COVID-19 continues to have on our industries and economies, we have developed a growing range of consumer indices based on our geo-data that reflect the levels of customer activity across key consumer industries in countries around the world. These indicators are updated daily, and are available for you to subscribe to today.



The chart above shows how visitor activity across bell-weather consumer industries has changed in response to lockdown measures – in this case in the United Kingdom. Discretionary industries that have been closed altogether report a nil or negligible level of visitor activity. Transport is present bit significantly depressed, while supermarkets and hospitals both report lower levels of activity – but vastly exceed the levels of activity reflected in other series trends.

So What Shape will Recovery Take?

Heady speculation regarding the shape of recovery – whether it will be a ‘V’ for victory or ‘L’ for lost business – reflects the urgent need for businesses, government and investors to closely track and analyse the changes that arise as a result of loosening lockdown measures. Huq is offering access to its Huq Indicators series, with daily updates across a range of KPIs and geographies. These indicators are built on our Geo-data products – the only mobile geo-datasets employed by some of the world’s largest funds for use in Europe.  Be the first to know what shape recovery will take. Reach out and subscribe to Huq Indicators today!