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Are you still using 2010 census data to drive your transport models? Are costly, infrequent surveys holding you back?

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An Origin Destination Example

Use data to make evidence-led choices

Huq's Transport module is built to support Transport Managers, Planners and Consultants through every project lifecycle. Use verified, fine-grained origin-destination products to detect needs, plan interventions, execute projects and measure the effects. No hardware. No surveys. Instant setup. UK-wide!

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"How can I detect and assess places that need change?

Transport Planning Manager, County Council

"How can we divert traffic without impacting on the local road network?

Transit Infrastructure Manager, Borough Council

"How do we know whether the interventions we made worked?

Senior Transport Insights Manager, County Council

An Image of a Roundabout Density Module Artwork

Tracking down the bottlenecks

How well are local communities served by your transport infrastructure? Which areas most are likely to experience the greatest economic benefit from greater transport integration?

Solutions for councils

Minimising impact on local areas

Whatever the decision – a roundabout upgrade at Bushey Corner, a widening of the A-road at Liss, leads inevitably to temporary disruption of the local transport infrastructure. How can we use data to plan and mitigate the effect on local areas?

People Walking on Shopping Street Huq Footfall Data

The transport planning toolkit

Discover the one-stop measurement platform for local authorities. Council teams use Huq’s insights to plan and spend effectively.

  • An interactive analytical insights platform
  • Annual updates to Origin-Destination Matrices
  • Built-in year-on-year comparison capabilities
  • Journey-time in minutes
  • All outputs defined at the MSOA level

Supports three types of journey analysis:

  • Origin-Destination Matrices
  • Destination-Origin Matrices
  • Full Journey Analysis
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Easily monitor footfall, dwell-time, catchment areas - and so much more!

Zero hardware

No more boxes, screws or wires. Our on-demand measurement platform provides instant coverage - everywhere.

Instant setup

Get set up in just 1 day! Just sign up, pick your measurement area(s), insight modules and start analysing.

Historic data

Our coverage doesn't start from the day you turn on. We have every corner of the UK covered - right back to 2019!

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Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager -

"We used Acorn data from CACI to test Huq's data across multiple demographic areas. The results from our analysis are very positive and show that the data is highly representative.

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