Validating investments

How can we maximise the impact of our funding spend?

How can data help us better demonstrate accountability?

How can I help gather evidence needed for further funding?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Improve your reporting

Validate the effectiveness of funding allocation with measurements of success such as increased foot traffic, extended dwell times, or improved visit frequency.

Understand your impact

Easily identify any significant positive shifts that can be attributed to the funding spend with insights into before and after the implementation of funding initiatives. Analyse the changes in foot traffic, customer engagement, and overall economic activity in the targeted areas.

Location-specific insights

Validate the impact of initiatives on attracting visitors and driving economic activity benefiting via footfall and catchment trends, preferences, and travel patterns.

Drive informed decisions

Track the progress of funding initiatives and make timely strategies based on emerging insights to optimise their impact. Ensure that funding is being allocated to areas that consistently show positive results with data-driven adjustments.

Get rapid feedback

Leverage foot traffic data and customer behaviours to validate the effectiveness of your new store strategy and make adjustments as needed.

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Stations & hubs

Colleagues in local government now use outputs from Huq’s data for travel insights across the Glasgow City region. Uses include origin-destination analyses, and learning what draws people to local neighbourhoods

Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager, UBDC / University of Glasgow

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