Successful urban planning

What can we do to design spaces for the better?

What steps can we take to optimise our infrastructure?

How can data help us enhance quality of life for individuals?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Sustainable growth strategies

Tailor urban planning for sustainable, future-ready communities with insights on foot traffic, visit durations, and popular routes.

Efficient infrastructure

Optimise road networks, public transportation routes, and pedestrian pathways for smoother traffic flow with data-driven urban development.

Livability enhancement

Craft environments that promote well-being and satisfaction with data on space usage.

Resilient cities

Plan for adaptability in the face of evolving urban challenges such as leveraging insights on high-traffic areas to allocate resources efficiently, such as adding or upgrading public amenities and transportation hubs.

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Stations & hubs

Colleagues in local government now use outputs from Huq’s data for travel insights across the Glasgow City region. Uses include origin-destination analyses, and learning what draws people to local neighbourhoods

Dr Andrew McHugh, Senior Data Science Manager, UBDC / University of Glasgow

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