Data Quality & Security

Reliable insights to make big decisions

Huq’s measurement and insights platform is built to provide the most accurate reflection of performance across the places you care about.

Why quality matters ➜


Independent verification shows Huq's insights are over 90%+ fact *

* Comparison of Huq footfall to Walmart visits over a 5 year period

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Why does data quality matter?

When you're basing decisions on evidence, that information needs to be right. Why else have it? Poor evidence can lead to misuse of funds and inefficiencies. It's vital to get it right.

How does Huq do it differently?

Huq is the only measurement provider to put reliability at the heart of what it does. Our platform owns the end-to-end measurement process from collection to processing, storage and publication. Every element of our systems are known, qualified and optimised for accuracy. And we test it too!

Methodology ➜Case Study


92% of customers choose Huq for its data reliability

- 2021-2022 Huq customer survey


Huq is the only place insights platform to verify its data

- 2022 analysis of competitor platforms

4+ yrs

Record history available to verify insights with

- Full nationwide coverage to 2017

A data collection and processing method is built for quality

First party insights

Huq only uses observational data that it fully understands - and that means collecting it directly using our proprietary, purpose-build technology.

Unique methodology

Our processing architecture uses multiple sources to validate and improve 1Bn+ observations daily using the best technologies available.

Academically verified

Leading academic, public and commercial institutions to continuously verify the accuracy of Huq's insights using scientific methods.

Used by 50+ councils

Huq’s insights are trusted by local and central government to inform policy decisions; to allocate and disperse £Billions in public funding.

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Quality Insight

Trusted by leaders

Huq’s place measurement insights are trusted by leading companies for whom accuracy is critical.

Platform Security

Huq operates a strict closed data ecosystem policy. Observational data is transformed into output products internally and is never exposed outside of its environment.

  • Built on leading platforms
  • High technical resilience
  • Secure access policies
  • Distributed data sources
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Regular penetration tests
  • CIPP/E & CIPM qualified
  • ISO27001/2 certification
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant
  • No PII data used or stored
  • SAR response processes
  • 'Do Not Track' compliant

Dr Andrew McHugh, UBDC / University of Glasgow -

As an academic research institute it's essential we understand the data we work with. We used Acorn data from CACI to test Huq's data across multiple demographic areas. The results from our analysis are very positive and show that the data is highly representative.

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