Find the Best Locations for Your Store Store Location Planning keyboard_arrow_right
retail product

Make smarter choices in your store location planning. Huq's real-world consumer research datasets give you the abilit...

Evaluate Category Performance in the Retail Sector Retail Market Trends keyboard_arrow_right
finance product

Identify retail trends ahead of the wider market with Huq's consumer market data. Huq uncovers emerging retail market...

Evaluate Retailer Performance on a Like-for-Like Basis Retailer Analytics keyboard_arrow_right
finance product

Huq's retail datasets provide unique retail analytics that can be used to compare real-world retailer performance. Di...

Learn What your Local Customers What Local Market Data keyboard_arrow_right
retail product

Huq's local market intelligence data identifies hard-to-see retail trends that lead to under-valued opportunities. Ge...

Know Where to Invest in Residential Property Residential Markets keyboard_arrow_right
real-estate product

With Huq's real-world housing market data you can pinpoint emerging development opportunities and keep abreast of pro...

Evaluate Emerging Consumer Trends in Retail Customer Analytics keyboard_arrow_right
finance product

Huq's consumer behaviour data provides accurate, detailed intelligence used to make investment decisions. Get unique ...

Research Your Own or your Competitors' Customers Retail Customer Analysis keyboard_arrow_right
retail product

Huq's real-word datasets allow you to conduct unrivalled retail customer analysis so you can gain the edge over the c...

Indentify the Most Rewarding Commercial Real Estate Opportunities Commercial Property keyboard_arrow_right
real-estate product

Huq's real world commercial real estate data is reliable, versatile & unique. Use our data to empower yourself to rap...

Find Your Perfect Outdoor Media Campaign Audience Audience Research keyboard_arrow_right
media product

Execute outdoor campaigns with untold effectiveness using Huq's real-world audience panel. Our billions of Real World...

Own Your Success with Offline-Offline Ad Attribution Offline Attribution keyboard_arrow_right
media product

Get brave new outdoor audience measurement abilities with Huq's real-world consumer research network. Our audience in...

Find the Most Effective Outdoor Media Sites for Your Campaign Site Planning Tools keyboard_arrow_right
media product

Execute outdoor campaigns with the precision of digital today. Huq's advertising media planning tools give offline me...

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