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Data sources

Our core data asset is comprised of 0.5Bn daily real-asset interaction events measured directly via our specialised first-party SDK through vendors that are selected for accurate geographic and demographic appeal. Suitability is also derived from the quality of their mobile location use-case, offering high-density data and low panel churn. Our partnerships with 100x vendors and thousands of tiles provides built-in panel redundancy.

Data enrichment

Our mobile location dataset is not just points on a map - the applications of which are limited. Our highly-engineered data enrichment pipelines join panel with objects and places that can be semantically labelled with high accuracy. The resulting output incorporates 73 diverse and uncorrelated properties drawn from geo-spatial, environmental, network and hardware features that are mapped to 500+ financial securities.

Data coverage

Our global coverage permits a broad latitude of demand for insight across developed and developing economies, helping provide valuable information where data is scarce. Inline with both economic priorities and natural population, we excel in European and US markets. From consumer discretionary and staple domains to measuring industrial performance our data proven to provide value.

Dataset KPIs

Many applications of our data asset imply time-series analyses and transformations. With panel retention consistently at 300% above the mobile industry mean, our longitudinal stability is an imperative that we are proud to offer. Data density also offers greater observational opportunity and firmer support for analytical outputs. With 250+ points per panellist per day, Huq leads the market in this regard

First-party only

Our data is collected exclusively on a first party basis for greatest quality control.

GDPR compliant

All of our data and processes are designed to conform to data privacy legislation.

US-EU focus

Our focus centres on the US and EU but data is available for markets worldwide.

Updated daily

Our geo-data can be delivered as frequently as daily, +48 hours.

12Bn events / mo

Our high-density SDK produces up to thousands of daily events per device.

5+ years history

We offer full access to our historical geo-data for backtesting purposes.

Instant indicators

High-frequency economic indicators

Instant access to 35+ marco-economic indications covering consumer, REITs and industrials globally.

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Cloud-hosted data

Find answers to urgent questions, fast

Begin analysing Huq's mobile location datasets in minutes with data pre-loaded into a dedicated Google BigQuery instance.

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Self-hosted data

Build models, products and applications

Access event-level, first-party mobile location data to train models using 73 attributes and over 5 years of history.

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