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The instant, modular place monitoring platform for decision makers in Local Government, Retail & Real-estate.

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Leading retailers trust Huq's data A Long Image of Footfall Outputs

Build thriving local town centres

A deep understanding of footfall volumes across the high-streets, centres and spaces you manage is key to unlocking the potential. Footfall monitoring is our most requested insight module.

Get instant footfall monitoring for any or town centre!
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Make places people want to come back to

How often people travel to an area is a key leading indicator for understanding local economic prosperity. Visit frequency underpins local spending trends and the attractiveness of a place.

Measure visit frequency in your area to predict local economic outcomes!
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Lesley Crisp, Principal Economic Development Officer -

Huq's place monitoring platform helps us make smarter, evidence-led decisions. My team is using its insights to set targets and monitor change – and we no longer need to pester pedestrians to answer surveys!

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Hertsmere uses Huq data for monitoring
People Shopping in London A Long Example of Visit Density

Find out what makes places tick

Use daily footfall density insights to uncover what visitors do in the places they visit. Find hotspots. Unblock congestion. Create the optimal paths and flows for visitors to your centres.

Learn where people travel from to visit town centres!
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Great value monitoring

Now we can measure footfall in places in near real time!