In-depth market analysis

What data can we use to uncover opportunities?

What data can we use to more effectively mitigate risks?

How can our team gain a competitive edge in the market?

Location intelligence trusted by 300+ industry leaders

Estimate demand

Tap into new opportunities and estimate the demand for specific products or services in different areas with foot traffic patterns and customer behaviour insights.

Surface seasonal trends

Stay ahead of how foot traffic and customer behaviour change seasonally to optimise marketing campaigns and offerings that align with seasonal trends.

Benchmark location performance

Stay on top of foot traffic trends across different locations and identify areas with growth potential with actionable location insights.

Optimise market entry

Enter a new market with confidence with strategic insights on foot traffic trends and customer engagement.

Mitigate economic uncertainty

Stay ahead of economic movement local economic conditions on customer behaviours.

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Annual sales

Huq’s catchment insights allows JD to more accurately assess the impact of the wider retail catchment on the sales potential of new store opportunities

Alastair Browne, JD Group Head of Site Research & Strategic Insight

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