A new, ethical and powerful source of consumer intelligence data.

Huq has developed a proprietary consumer data collection methodology that promotes quality and user privacy, while empowering mobile app owners to monetise their audiences in a way that is truly anonymised, great for the user-experience and financially rewarding.

Huq is one of the most exciting tech companies I've come across in a long time.

Cate Trotter
Head of Trends, Insider Trends

Our unique method to data collections draws on our exclusive worldwide network
Our data offers world-leading insights that are detailed and actionable
Our customers are provided with all the nessecary support and information they require

We Privacy

We are committed to observing the latest and best practices concerning user privacy under legislation and regulatory requirements from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and under GDPR.The responsible curation and application of data, and our users’ right to privacy, is at the heart of both our value-set, and also our operating platform.

Every aspect of our collection methodology is designed to avoid any use of personal data - either under existing data protection laws and GDPR legislation, or according to our own rigorous ethical code.

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