Witham in Essex Leads Return to Office Working

The commute into the City of London has restarted for certain towns in Essex. Daily journeys have risen by has much as 78% since restrictions eased in April. Towns showing the fastest rise are in West Essex and along key transport routes – the A12 and East Anglia Main Line.

Witham in Essex Leads Return to Daily Commute
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Witham, located on A12 and train line, demonstrates the largest rise at 78% since April. Epping (37%) and Saffron Walden (19%) all follow this pattern.

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The main City employers for Essex residents is Financial Services and Insurance. Firms in these industries are among the most vocal in encouraging the return to the office. This data suggests that when getting there is easy, and when employers encourage it, workers can revert to form.

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    70% is the best case increase from a very low base. Footfall in the City of London remains low at at around 50% of pre-pandemic levels. At this early stage the trajectory of this trend is unclear. With the Prime Minister’s voice adding to calls for a return to traditional working pattens, we may see this trend accelerate.

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