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The GB DIY Industry has experienced an eventful recent history, with notable entrants and certain retrenchments. Among those, catalogue-format stores such as Screwfix - targeting professional tradesmen - have enjoyed successes. On the other hand, Homebase - an example of those addressing the broader, more casual market - has announced plans to close 42 of its stores.

In this section, Huq provides anecdotal statistics, insights and analyses on how retailers within the GB DIY Industry rank for markets based on insights available through Huq's class-leading real-world consumer behaviour panel, drawing on the real-world actions of over 60m profiles across 247 territories worldwide. Check out our blog for our latest analysis and freebies!

Homebase Attracts 2.5% More Female Customers

Homebase, an operator in the GB DIY Shop sector, is 2.5% more likely to attract female customers than for the GB DIY Shop sector average. These statistics are based on original research carried out on 389 Homebase cus...

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