Javelin/Accenture Uses Huq’s Geo-data to Analyse Retail Trends

In the second part of its “Tale of Five Cities” series, Robin Bevan and his team at Javelin Group – part of Accenture Strategy – offer in-depth analysis of Huq Industries’ geo-location data to measure Covid-19 impact and recovery across a range of retail centre types in London, New York, Berlin, Sydney and Tokyo.

Read the post by Robin Bevan, Javelin Group Managing Director.

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The analysis addresses key questions that businesses in retail and real-estate have in mind today. How quickly will the performance of my stores recover? What should the future shape of my store estate be? How should we operate these stores differently vs. pre-COVID-19? The answers to these questions are based on data supplied by Huq Industries during three periods; pre-Covid, lockdown and recovery.

The outcomes of this analysis can be found in the interactive dashboard available on this link.