Huq Indicator for Hilton Hotels in China Rises by 382 Points

Two days ago the Chinese authorities lifted the last significant restriction on movement in place as a response to the Covid 19 crisis.

Residents of Wuhan are now able to travel outside of the region, and those outside are able to enter. Similar restrictions on domestic travel have been lifted for some time, and as the population re-discovers it’s mobility, we look to the country’s hotel industry to detect positive change.

The Huq Indicator for Hilton Hotels in China is up by 382 Points

Source: Huq Indicator for Daily Consumer Footfall in China

The chart above is a snapshot taken from the Huq Daily Index for Hilton Hotels in China, which measures the amount of footfall activity observed by our platform across Hilton Hotels nationally. The chart shows a rise in activity of 382 points from the index start date on Feb-8 2020.

This event coincides exactly with the date at which the final restrictions on movement within the country have been lifted, and offers an indication as to the potential rate of recovery for businesses within the Chinese hotels industry. As international travel restrictions remain in place, this activity is likely to inherit from domestic sources.

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