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You don't need to be a coder or a data scientist to leverage the full potential of Huq's real-world consumer research datasets. No matter what your skill or technical ability may be, make use of our exclusive and powerful data to drive bolder choices and greater successes for you and your business today.

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Insightful visualisations of our data and how it can be used 25+ In-built Visualisations keyboard_arrow_right

To make it easy for you to spot the trends and pull out the insights that you require, we have developed over 25 inbuilt data visualisations for you to choose from. Our highly intuitive and customisable data dashboard visualisation tools allow you to get straight to the answer without wasting time.

Our data is semantic
A truly Semantic Dataset

Search quickly and effectively for real-world brand names and business place categories to filter on the behaviours you need to identify the insights you require. Gain immediate access to real-world intelligence without any extra code or complicated extraction methods.

The Data dashboard offers seamless portability to the cloud Seamless Data Portability keyboard_arrow_right

We go above and beyond just providing powerful insights. We have specifically developed our Dashboard to allow users to export their findings directly into the tools they use to implement decisions. For example, Media Planners are able to download a fully indexed list of out of home sites to share with their media buyers and progress their campaigns further.

Next-gen market intelligence built-in.

It’s not just the tools and the makeup of our data that offers unparalleled convenience to our customers. We’ve also developed over 16 valuable, hard-to-find audience segments to ensure you have instantaneous access to the audience intelligence you require.

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16 Audience Segments

We have developed over 16 built-in audience segments to ensure you can get straight to the behaviours you want to find without wasting time.

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Id Segment name Description
ID1011 University Students Users who frequently visit colleges and university campuses or who live in university halls of residence. Eg. Colleges & Universities, Halls of Residence
ID1012 Working Professionals Users living in areas that correspond to ages ranging from 25-55 years old and who visit an of ce environment on most weekdays. Eg. Financial Companies, Recruitment, Real-Estate, Offices
ID1013 Early Parenthood Users living in areas that correspond to ages ranging from 20-40 years old who visit children’s clothing stores or primary schools. Eg. Early Learning Centre, Petit Bateau, JoJo Maman Bébé
ID1014 Later Life & Retirement Users living in areas corresponding to ages ranging upwards from 55 years old with irregular or no of ce workplace attendance. Eg. TN34, PO35 (GB), 32802, 92240 (US), 06200 (FR)
ID1111 Sports Fans Users who periodically visit a sports ground, venue or stadium and may also visit a pub or a bar within the vicinity of that place on the same day. Eg. Stadiums, Twickenham, Arsenal FC, Ed Smith Stadium
ID1112 Fitness Fans Users who frequently visit a gym, fitness centre or studio, and who may also visit a sports equipment or clothing store. Eg. Pure Gym, Fitness First, Equinox Fitness, Gold’s Gym
ID1113 Fashionistas Users who regularly visit shopping malls and centres, or high- street clothing retailers - particularly on weekends. Eg. West eld, TopShop, Reiss, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bench
ID1114 DIY + Home Improvement Users who homeware, hardware, DIY or home improvement stores - or those who visit gardening centres. Eg. Homebase, Travis & Perkins, Notcutts, Home Depot
ID1115 Culture Vultures Users who visit museums, art galleries and exhibitions or users who attend the theatre, the ballet and other music concerts. Eg. Royal Academy, Tate, MOMA, Royal Albert Hall, Louvre
ID1116 Night-owls Users who enjoy going out at night and frequently visit pubs, bars and nightclubs - particularly towards and over the weekend from Thursday to Saturday. Eg. Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs, Home
ID1211 Business Travellers Users who work in an of ce environment and who periodically travel abroad during the week, often passing through an airline lounge at the airport. Eg. Financial Companies, Offices, Airports, Airline Lounges
ID1212 Premium Shoppers Users who visit a premium groceries retailer on a frequent basis, typically 2-3 times during each week. Eg. Wholefoods, Little Waitrose, Monoprix, SPAR Gourmet
ID1213 Economy Shoppers Users who shop at larger or out-of-town and more budget gro- cery retailers, typically less frequently - such as one large shop on the weekend. Eg. Asda, Tesco Extra, Target, Wallmart, Morrisons
ID1214 Auto Intenders Users who have visited one or a number of different car dealer- ships over the course of the last few months. Eg. Honda, Mazda, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Lookers
ID1215 House Hunters Users who visit one or a number of different high-street real-es- tate agents’ stores over the course of a few months. Eg. Foxtons, Marsh & Parsons, RealtyUSA, Laforêt France
ID1216 Luxury Lovers Users who visit luxury boutique shops, hotels and restaurants either domestically or while travelling abroad. Eg. Four Seasons, Hyatt, Luis Vuitton, Kurt Geiger, Mulberry

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Huq Data Dashboard

Our versatile data feeds are designed to fulfil your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Our commonly asked questions:
  • Can I get a sample of the data before I buy?
    We are happy to provide you with trial access to a demo dashboard that provides you with a hands-on experience of the data, its attributes and sample applications of the insight. Please contact Sales or ask your Account Manager for answers to any more specific questions that you may have.
  • Can I buy access to data for just one country?
    Certainly. We make our global datasets available for you to access down to the country-level. Speak to Sales or your Account Manager for access to one, two or as many as you need for your business case.
  • What is the minimum contract term?
    In most cases our minimum commitment period is 12 months. Please contact Sales or your Account Manager if you have more specific needs.
  • Are discounts available for multiple licences?
    Dashboard access to the data is licensed on a per-user, per-month basis. Discounts are available for volume licensing. Please speak to a Sales Representative to discuss your requirements.
  • Do you provide business analyst support?
    We’re certain you’ll find our interactive dashboard product easy and intuitive to use. If there are questions that you find yourself unable to phrase using our dashboard tools, our in-house analysts will be happy to support you
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