Our data describes what consumers do in the real world

Build models

Access event-level geo-data to train models using 73 attributes and over 3.5 years of history.

Tell stories

Start querying in minutes with Huq's data pre-loaded into a Google BigQuery instance.

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    • GDPR compliant
    • 100% first party data
    • BigQuery interface
    • DataStudio enabled
    • Multi-user access
    • Daily data updates

Quality geo-data delivered precisely how you want it.

Huq's specialist research-grade geo-data provides a unique view of the relationships between people and places, and how that changes over time. Our market-leading dataset is the only resource you can trust to support the fundamental market insights you need.

If you are using our geo-data to train and build predictive models, we can deliver event-level data to you on a daily basis. If you want to focus on specific questions, use our preloaded Google BigQuery solution to get started in minutes.

Quality geo-data for clear modelled outcomes.

Our daily JSON file-dumps to GCS or S3 buckets allow quant analysts to incorporate Huq's geo-data directly into their prediction models and implement their own proprietary logic.

Huq's dataset values are regular and consistent, with high panel stability. Our built-in FiGi mappings to over 400 securities reduce integration time and model training complexity.

Key features
Find clear indications of consumer trends
Key features
73 data attributes helps find correlations
73 attributes

Diverse event attributes support normalisation and help identify correlations.

Our data is pre-mapped to stock market PMIs
400+ tickers

Public securities have been pre-mapped to OpenFiGi and ISIN PMI.

We offer insights based on a large panel

Our geo-data is trusted by investment funds with over USD100Bn in AUM.

Quality relationships make for a stable panel
3x more stable

The lifetime of our panelists is 3x longer than the industry average.

We improve mobile GPS accuracy by over 8x
98 industries

We measure behaviour across 98 consumer and industrial categories.

We make our data available daily
Updated daily

Our geo-data can be delivered as frequently as daily, +48 hours.

Lightning-fast access to fine-grained insights.

Get fast access to our hosted datasets

Huq's geo-data goes beyond just simple location histories to claim the places and things that consumers do in real life. Our 73 event attribute dimensions and high event density enable you to find trends today - rather than spending time preparing the data.

Our analysis-ready geo-data is shipped via pre-loaded BigQuery projects, so there’s no setup or optimisation requirement. Get started in minutes.

Key features
Key features
Our data is 20x more dense than other sources
6Bn events / mo

Our high-density SDK produces up to thousands of daily events per device.

All data is submitted with end-user consent
GDPR compliant

All of our data and processes are designed to conform to data privacy legislation.

Our data is reliably matched to real world places
Ready to use

Our powerful methodology assigns visits to POIs with confidence.

Fast access to terrabytes of data using Google BigQuery
BigQuery access

Data is pre-loaded into BigQuery projects. Lightning-fast queries and zero setup.

Our data is standardised and consistent

All data attributes are standardised for ease of use and for more reliable aggregations.

We offer coverage across countries worldwide
Global coverage

3.5+ years of data history in countries worldwide, with a key focus on US and Europe.

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