Travel Gossip – EasyJet Adds 1,000 Seats to Bring Back Holidaymakers from Portugal

EasyJet is flying back 1,000 extra customers currently in Portugal over the next three days so they can return home before the country is relegated to the amber list. CEO Johan Lundgren said the airline will fly larger aircraft and will add additional flights, if necessary, to get everyone back who wants to return by 4am on Tuesday 8 June.

According to mobility research company Huq Industries, over 112,000 Brits are currently on holiday in Portugal. Huq Industries CEO Conrad Poulson said: “Assuming the largest capacity Boeing 737 or equivalent can carry around 230 people that equates to around 487 flights to get every one of the remaining 112,177 people […]

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Published by Travel Gossip on 2021-06-04. Read the original article here.