The Independent – Travel Industry Reels From Portugal Downgrade As Holidaymakers Scramble To Return Home

Some 112,000 Britons are estimated to currently be on holiday in Portugal, according to the latest data. As of 31 May (the most recent data available) 112,177 British travellers are staying in the Iberian nation According to research from Huq Industries, a mobility research business, from 17 May, when Portugal officially became a green list country, until 31 May, a total of 221,064 Brits travelled out to the country. As of 31 May, the number of Brits who had travelled back from Portugal stood at 108,887, leaving 112,177 visitors still overseas as the country was downgraded from green to amber in the UK government’s latest review.

The Independent

Published by The Independent on 2021-06-04. Read the original article here.